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UK wide experience and reputation

We have more than 30 years' experience of geomembrane installation services in the UK and a reputation to match. Read on for details of landfill, attenuation tank and irrigation reservoir services.

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Pond and canal lining for the best layout and design options

To create the best pond or canal system you want to have the widest possible choice of designs and features options open to you.


Using high-density polyethylene (HDPE), we supply some of the best pond linings in the marketplace and match them with the best technical skills in Wales.

We'll offer you

•  Durable low maintenance structures

•  Range of products

•  Significant reductions in water loss

•  Protection for waterborne flora and fauna

•  TERRAM and Geofabrics products

The best pond lining because:

•  Approved installers for range of products

•  Experts at preserving aquatic resources

•  ABG and Bentomat products

•  Installation and lining service

•  Installation only service

Run-off water flowing down a well-lined canal