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Technical skills with many uses

Our skills with geomembrane and impermeable linings can be applied in many situations. You might wish to learn about our irrigation reservoirs, domestic ponds and attenuation tank solutions.

High quality installations from a company with an excellent track record.

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Landfill lining focussing on environmental needs

Are you concerned about your environmental as well as legal responsibilities when planning a landfill site? We ensure that your responsibilities are met over and above the requirements of current environmental legislation.


Celtic Lining Ltd offer top quality landfill capping and lining services using the very latest GCL linings and polymer welding technologies.

We offer you

Trust our landfill lining solutions as we are trained and recommended by the manufacturers of all the products we use.

•  30 years' industry experience

•  Choice of lining thicknesses

•  CSWIP qualified technicians

•  Full risk assessments

•  No obligation quotations

Landfill lining that delivers:

•  Protection from water seepage

•  Long term solutions

•  Ultraviolet light resistance

•  Resistance to chemical breakdown

•  High yield and weld strengths

Landfill capping