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Bespoke uses of geomembranes

Every geomembrane project is unique and we can bring 30 years' experience to meet your needs. Read more about landfill cells, GCL lining, irrigation reservoirs and pond linings here.

One of the best geomembrane installers in

the United Kingdom.

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Attenuation tank linings that makes the best use of space

Dealing with rainfall run-off or flash flooding with an attenuation tank requires careful use of lining materials. Ensure you make the most of your available space with our attenuation tank lining and gas barrier services.


With more than 30 years' experience in the industry, we will provide you with the choices, technology and skills to create the tank environment you need.

You can expect:

Geomembrane and impermeable lining specialists serving Wales and the United Kingdom.

•  20 year warranty

•  Choice of manufacturers

•  Work completed on schedule

•  Extremely high standards

•  GSE, ABG and Bentomat linings

The best attenuation tank linings:

•  Designed individually

•  No obligation quotations

•  Some of the best prices in Wales

•  Nationwide installations

Two attenuation tanks